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دفع الرسوم


Tajweed section

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دفع رسوم الكتاتيب


katateeb section

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كفالة حلقة



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رسوم إعادة



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Thank you so much for the good you have done for us, and what could be better than teaching us the Qur'an? Congratulations to you, who God has chosen to be our Prophet, may God's prayers and peace the Qur'an. It is my pleasure to congratulate you, and we are now brothers through His grace... Please accept all our greetings, thanks, and gratitude

Husen Taha

student in alsafa academy

Al-Safa Academy for Quranic Services is one of the leading institutions in the service and teaching of the Book of God Almighty. It is based on a blessed group of specialists keen to develop Quranic cadres working in the service of the Book of God Almighty, and those with deep experience in managing Quranic works. With their level of excellence and proficiency, and their keenness on permanent and continuous development. I also looked at the plans and programs presented, and I felt in them administrative excellence with good organization and follow-up, and interest in the ripe fruits that the Academy produces

abdulqadir Al-Othman

CIE at the Taj Association

The people of the Quran are those closest to Allah, therefore serving the Qur'an is more deserving of being among the people of the Quran. The goals and mission of Al-Safa Academy are pure, blessings are abundant, and the fruits are ripe. When it opened its doors to the people of the Qur'an, everyone who entered loved it, and felt the difference that it represented. It is my prayer that ALLAH Almighty will reward those who are responsible for it with high ranks, and God will grant them success in their noble endeavour.

Mahmoud Mhanna

University lecturer