Quran Teacher Sponsorship Project

**"Quran Teacher Sponsorship Project"**


When we think about the value of knowledge and education in our lives, we find that it is priceless. Knowledge is the source of light that illuminates a person's path, and education is the means that enables them to reach their goals and fulfill their dreams. Among the most important sciences that should be available to everyone is the knowledge of the Holy Quran.


In many places around the world, there is a dire need for teachers of Quranic circles. These individuals who dedicate themselves to teaching the rising generations how to recite and understand the Quran. Their role is not limited to teaching the words, but goes beyond to building values, ethics, and spiritual guidance.


Therefore, sponsoring Quranic circle teachers is an opportunity to extend a helping hand and support to these noble educators. By supporting them, we participate in building a generation that understands the values of Islam and carries the Quran in their hearts. This is not just a donation but an investment in a future that reflects tolerance, understanding, and humanity.


Let us embody the virtue of teaching the Quran and supporting its teachers in our actions. Your generous contribution to sponsoring Quranic circle teachers will make you partners in building a community that appreciates the value of knowledge and religious education. It is your chance to contribute to goodness and earn rewards in this life and the hereafter.


Do not hesitate to donate today and sponsor a Quranic circle teacher, for with this noble deed, you will be part of a journey of success and enlightenment in the lives of future generations.

Donated: 3.05
Goal: 30 Rest: 26.95
Donor Name Item Amount
samer 1 5
عبدالرحمن وصفي جمعه عبيد 1 100
Ahmad Khalilia 1 100
Abdullah 1 100


Goal: 3000.00
Donations: 305.00