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One of the most beneficial and most rewarding works is the printing of the Book of Allah Almighty, the Holy Qur’an, its publication, and its delivery to Muslims in their different languages. The reward of the one who works to spread the Holy Qur’an is similar to the reward of the one who teaches it and the one who learns it, as it is considered within the framework of the call "Dawa" to Allah Almighty and the righteous deeds in which Allah Almighty said "And whose words are better than someone who calls ˹others˺ to Allah, does good, and says, “I am truly one of those who submit.”? Surah Fussilat (33). It is also considered in the charity cited in the saying of the Messenger, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him “The best of you are those who learn the Holy Qur’an and teach it to others. Project goals: 1. Provide 20,000 copies of the Noble Qur'an translated into Filipino with its meanings. 2. Providing translations of Qur'an meanings to mosques, schools, and Qur'an Centers in the Philippines to fill the severe shortage of copies. 3. Printing high-quality copies of the Qur'an. 4. Publishing the Noble Qur'an with translations or easy interpretations of its meanings to enable the target group to understand the Noble Qur'an. 5. Providing the Holy Qur'an in the Filipino language to as many mosques, schools, and homes as possible in remote areas of the Philippines

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